Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Get Accepted Into the Chitika Publisher Program

Chitika, like Adsense or Burstmedia, does excercize some quality control over the sites that are accepted in the program. They also try to determine whether their products would work well on the websites that apply. That means that websites with decent content might be rejected because the editor doesn't think the ads would perform well.

Every time I got accepted into an important online advertising program (Chitika, Adsense, Burstmedia) it was because I wrote a well-thought out application, which emphasized on the strenghts of my website. It's pretty much the same as applying for a job, really. You don't want to give the impression that you're begging for it, you want to show them what they will miss if they don't hire you.

What are the secrets of a good application? Well, it's not so much secrets as knowing how to promote yourself and having a basic understanding of how online advertising works. So, when you get to the site Description field in your Chitika application form, do not settle for a generic description of the content of your website. Your description should include:

  1. Visitor statistics, such as main age group and main geographical location. It's better if can you verify the stats in some way.
  2. Honors your site has received, such as links/mentions from important sites or offline media.
  3. Advertising Campaigns run in the past. If you have a scripting websites and you've run ads for software or similar products that have performed well, you should definitely mention it, because that's precisely what they're looking for.
  4. You should close your description with a polite explanation why you're interested in Chitika and how you look forward to working with them.

Remember, you can be as assertive as you like about your website, if you think it deserves it. There's nothing you can lose by pointing out what's special about your website.

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